Pre test course is geared for riders who have some experience on the road and who have a motorcycle test booked. It covers all the areas of the test to help you understand the basic requirements in order to your test. We can also supply an A category motorcycle for your test if your motorcycle does not meet the criteria of over 50 KW.

What is advanced motor cycle training?

Advanced motorcycle training helps you become a safer, more confident rider.
That’s a pretty powerful message. But don’t think training courses are all about ‘serious’ riders or exams or tests. The language can sound intimidating, but don’t worry.
Advanced motorcycle training courses are for anyone who wants to improve their on-the-road skills and technique.
A safer rider copes better with tougher traffic and environmental conditions. Riding with greater fluency when conditions deteriorate is a skill that should last you a lifetime.
From wet leaves to handling more powerful machines to anticipating the road ahead, the focus is the same. A safer rider controls their machine and their road environment better.
There are several types of advanced bike training. We’ll look at some of the options. But like we said, the format is simple and geared around your needs.
Although there is some theory, there are also plenty of observed training rides, followed by an evaluation .
It can also be fun. Learning a range of new and improved techniques – from machine control to observation and general road skills – is hugely satisfying.
Think about your own development priorities before picking a course.
Are there specific riding weaknesses or habits you want to improve on or address?
Are you more interested in improvement across a range of motorbike skills?
Planning on touring solo or with a pillion?

Are you looking for a refresher course after some time off the road. Advanced riders have taken additional courses to enhance and develop their skills. Our advanced motorbike lessons are designed to give you additional confidence and competence Each advanced motorcycle training course we offer is designed to improve riding skills and confidence on the road. 

  • Structured planned approach to riding
  • Defensive riding and hazard awareness
  • Progress and use of speed
  • Overtaking – filtering
  • Bends and corners
  • Slow control
  • Developing the correct rider attitude.

This course is designed for:

• Motorcyclists who have recently obtained their licence
• Riders who are returning to the road after a break or want to move up to a more powerful   motorcycle
• Riders who are planning to tour on their motorcycle who just want an impartial check of their motorcycling skill level